Monday, March 10, 2008

BBC revamps mobile internet site

Richard Wray
The Guardian,
Monday March 10 2008

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This article appeared in the Guardian on Monday March 10 2008 on p28 of the Financial section. It was last updated at 00:02 on March 10 2008.

The BBC is relaunching its mobile internet site, one of the most popular destinations on the mobile web, as more people have a phone that can access the internet.

The new site, which goes live today, is based on the design of the broadcaster's existing internet site. With most mobile phones now fitted with colour screens and relatively fast connections to the web, the new site has more colour and interactive elements.
Upgrading the corporation's seven-year-old mobile internet technology will also allow it to produce specific content for sporting events such as this summer's Wimbledon tennis championships and the Olympics.

In fact, sport plays an important role in the BBC's plans to market the new service. As part of a planned four-week marketing campaign, the BBC will target football fans at matches with posters inviting them to text FOOTBALL to 81010 for a link to its football site.

The website also includes a new section for BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat, with entertainment headlines and pictures.

The BBC has more than 2.7 million unique mobile users a month, making it the most popular mobile site outside the phone companies' own portals.

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